During my years at the Olin Business School, I gained experience in facilitating and teaching undergraduate, MBA and Executive courses in leadership, power and politics, and negotiation. In 2017, I taught a semester-long undergraduate course in negotiation. In an upcoming semester, I will teach a semester-long MBA course in power and politics.

Selected teaching experience and credentials

  • Sole instructor, Negotiation, undergraduate elective (Spring 2017)
  • Guest Lecturer, Power and politics, MBA and Professional MBA (Spring 2018)
  • Preparation in Pedagogy, Teaching-intensive, professional-development certification program for Ph.D. students (2013 – present)

Negotiation, Representative sample of undergraduate student comments

  • “Most practical, real-life focused course I’ve taken at WashU.”
  • “I really appreciate Patrizia’s enthusiasm for the material. She goes above and beyond to make herself available and to make resources accessible.”
  • “Patrizia’s passion and dedication to the students was always clear.”
  • “Great lectures.”
  • “The instructor was fun and kind.”
  • “Absolutely the nicest teacher I have ever had.”
  • “This class was by far my favorite b-school class.”
  • “Terrific job.”